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Top vision choice for the good seller gelato show case model Shelly. Big straight front glass allow a full vision of the ice cream.




Classic gelato showcases with rounded glass

If your gelato parlor or hotel or restaurant is too classy to get a modern straight glass display, there are other series that allow a great visual as well. look at the display from the Alba series and the Sunny series. All those show cases have the same features of the Shelly: automatic defrost, full control thermostat, anti mist system in the glasses and forced air circulation.

What is an ice cream showcase?

The show case or display or cabinet for icecream is the Italian way to sell ice cream: see it and buy it. The famous cone that you eat while walking was born from a long tradition in Italy. While strolling around in a small street of an historical center of any town in Italy you can observe many gelaterie, places that sell Italian ice cream, gelato. In them displays you can look the colors and imaging the taste. Then you will order and buy it. The importance on the vision is extremely helpful in the sale of ice cream. It is not a freezer that keep the ice cream at minus 22 degrees Celsius, it is a display, keep the gelato between minus 18 or 16 degrees that is the best temperature for it: creamy and tasty. Moreover an inside glasses resistance system is provided to keep the front glass clear from annoy mist. To keep cold temperature and keep the ice cream located high in the showcases, the basin is provided with a ventilation system.


Which kind of display?

There are many kind of display or showcases: the basic one is a freezer with a glass cover to see the inside. It is difficult to see the icecream, the use of the cover (opening and closing) will let the freezer accumulate ice and it will look not nice, moreover the temperature will be too cold when the freezer is clean from ice formation and not cold at all when the freezer will be full of ice. For an ice cream or gelato place we really cannot suggest you to buy it. Better if it does not have the glass door and so you can use it only to store ice cream instead of showing, maybe in the kitchen of your restaurant or hotel.

Then there is a more evolutes kind of freezer: the promotional series. Those displays are studied to allow the operator open and close the door often without quickly filling the basin of ice. The visibility is good even if it is not a top visual effect and the prices are very good. It is equipped with a modern controller to set up the temperature and it is also provide of automatic defrost and more quality features.


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promotional ice cream display Smart series, Samoa series and Easy series:


Very small show case ice cream display 6 and 10 flavors:

Smart 6 shock price: 86,670 baht only (price NOT included vat)

Smart 10 shock price: 85,500 baht only (price NOT include vat)


Alba and Sunny series:


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