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Manual of the spaghetti ice cream machine page


How to make spaghetti ice cream with the noodle or spaghetti machine: fun

and profit!



You can learn how to make spaghetti ice cream by hand or with the machine Gelapress. Gelapress manual and technical details in how to make ice cream spaghetti in English. Please follow the instruction and have good business! Transfor your ice cream or gelato in spaghetti. Chat for more information:




How to make spaghetti ice cream:





Properly insert the plug:
100, 110, 220, 240 volts; top current 1.5Amp.




Turn on the machine with the switch on the back


Fill a container with gelato WITHOUT press it

If you keep the container in the freezer it will be already cold and you will have better result


You will see that the machine is ready from a red light on the top; you can now approach with the container
6 Now press the side switch and you will get the spaghetti ice cream!



9 If during the run the light turn red and the machine stop do not panic:
just keep on
kindly pushing
the container more deep in its slide, the light will be green again and the run will continue




Spaghetti gelato maker by: Easy best

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Push the container inside its guide till the end, you will se the light will became green
7 8

When the run is finish press the side switch in the up direction and then you will be able to remove the container for a new serving

















Try now to decorate the spaghetti you get with strawberry or other toppings

Keep the machine clean and keep the containers inside the freezer of the ice cream so when you will use them you will have them already very cold. Use gelato or creamy ice cream; use flavors that do not contain any chips or fruit parts; do not use hard ice cream. If while using the machine the light turns red from green just press the container more inside its slide.

If the machine will be use to press too hard ice cream maybe the protection fuse will brake and it will be necessary to change the inside fuse opening the back cover with screwdriver.

Unplug before opening and cleaning


How to make spaghetti ice cream by hand:

Spaghetti ice cream manual tool

Yes, you can produce nice spaghetti ice cream by hand with a simple tool that you can virtually find in any kitchenware store: the potato masher. Insert the ice cream and press! But it is little heavy, eventually. We did try it. Here the video:

Down here instead some images from the first attempt to create spaghetti ice cream by hand without the machine:

1. insert the ice cream in the potato masher

2. Position the piston of the tool in a proper way

3. Start to press the masher

4. Use all your force and strength so start to get the hand made spaghetti ice cream

Insert the ice cream in the container Preparing the ice cream masher Pressing and getting the ice cream spaghetti Result after press

As you can see it is a quite difficult task. If you try it with the Gelapress ice cream spaghetti machine I think it is going to be easy:

1. Insert the ice cream in the container of the machine

2. Insert the container in the ice cream spaghetti machine Gelapress

3. You will see a green light, or rather the red light will became green so

4. now you can push the side button and get the spaghetti out of the maker

Insert the gelato in the container of the machine Insert the container in the machine Properly push all the way the ice cream container and the light will turn green Press the side button to get the spaghetti ice cream

            Spaghetti ice cream serving

You can also enjoy the video of the production of spaghetti ice cream with the Gelapress here:

Video on how to make spaghetti ice cream with a machine

We have to admit that we are a little on our side, the side of the Gelapress spaghetti ice cream machine of course. You can have better result also with the hand tool following some tips:

1. keep the hand machine for spaghetti ice cream in the freezer. It will be too cold to handle but you can use a piece of cotton or see if you can buy one that has plastic handle.

2. Use only soft ice cream that is gelato! And take it out of the freezer few minutes in advance, you will have nice result! Like you can see it in this video:

Video spaghetti gelato

You want to send us your pictures? We can eventually post here. Email to info@easybesthailand.com




Spaghetti ice cream and toppings

If you want to give a better realistic touch to your spaghetti  icecream, you can add some toppings: strawberry (red like tomato sauce) and some coconut powder (white like cheese).

Enjoy yourself with fantasy! The better result are from gelato instead of ice cream or really creamy ice cream.

See more example and some history of spaghetti gelato


And to sell?

Download free spaghetti ice cream menu' for your ice cream shop here (976Kb); it can helps you.


Where to see the more on ice cream spaghetti machine?

You can see the spaghetti gelato machine and taste them in Thailand in many locations. If you are in Pattaya at Pan Pan Jomtien (Tappraya Road) or at Pan Pan in Central Festival Beach Road (5 floor).

Or you can see a short test video on Youtube.com: here


First page in Google results "spaghetti ice cream Thailand":




The Gelapress Noodle/spaghetti icecream machine is ready to be sold and delivery everywhere in Thailand and also ship around the world. You can choose the color and also ask for personalization or personal logo.



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