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Make gelato, Italian ice cream, it is not so difficult. Buy the equipment and the know how from experienced Italian managed Company. Easy Best (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Tax ID TH 0205551025185



Gelato or ice cream?  

The actual industrial icecream is a composition of powders (food extract) water and sugar that will be pasteurized, homogenized and mix with water and recreated milk from powder milk, then add with air. The result is a cold aliment, safe and tasty, to enjoy as refreshment in the summer, after a lunch or in any season like a dessert or even a snack. The traditional Italian ice cream makers create, from many years already, instead the “gelato”. Gelato is a well balanced and pasteurized mix of real milk, sugar, cream, fresh ingredient to give the taste and some powder obtained from natural extract. The result is a creamy, tasty, cold refreshment portion of food, rich in protein too. It is creamier than ice cream. When it has a fruit flavor there will be no milk but water instead, it is also called “sorbetto”.

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Gelato, sorbet and/or ice cream production: how to make it

Home made fresh gelato is not the ice-cream you buy in the supermarket. The difference is that gelato is creamy and uses few industrial supported ingredients; ice cream is an industrial product that can be created only with big and complex machinery. Moreover ice cream is also filled with lots of air. Also the gelato, while in the gelato machine, will incorporated some air, but in a natural way. The ice cream process instead will inflate the mixture with air. The process of adding air to the gelato is called overrun.
To make a tasty and creamy gelato you do not need and industry. It is much more simply than what you think, but not easy if you have never done it before! You have to try, experiences, and try it again and so on till you will get good results. There are two kind of gelato: cream gelato and fruit gelato, also called sorbetto or sorbet. The difference is that in the fruit type there is no milk, just water instead.
To start you need to mix sugar, water, then you need the stabilizer (better if natural originated) otherwise you will get a block of ice instead of a soft sort of cream; those ingredient will be first blended in a container with a strong and powerful mixer. The mixer is a very important tool in the gelato making procedure. You can also add strawberry, if it will be strawberry gelato, plus strawberry aroma or concentrated because the gelato is cold (usually store -18/-16 and so, when it finally reach the customer mouth will be at –7 Celsius degrees) and so at low temperatures the taste tends to vanish. Then what you will obtain will be mixed in a cold environment: the gelato machine also called batch freezer, where you must add the gelato paste or gelato base, a professional product (usually imported from Italy) that it is necessary to get a good gelato. After the batch freezer process just drop it in to a pan and… it is done! All the fruit gelato, that do not contains milk and cream, are non fat or low fat product, like a tutti frutti frozen dessert.
For the non-fruit taste, like chocolate, vanilla, coffee, tiramisu… we have first to pasteurize in the pasteurizer, milk together with sugar and the stabilizer: we will prepare the mixture with the mixer but using milk and cream instead of water. If you are not ready yet to buy also the pasteurizer it is not a problem; you can pasteurize your gelato mixture in a big pan where you will reach at least 90 degrees Celsius and then you will need to cool it off. Once you get a sort of white creamy but fluid compost that will be at ambiance temperature you must put it in the gelato machine with, for example, coffee and or coffee aroma and the gelato paste to get the gelato ready, in this case coffee gelato.
Of course there are many others receipts and ways about how to make gelato or how to make ice cream, even without the gelato paste and the stabilizer; using maybe butter or eggs or even other natural ingredients. But then it will be more complicated. When you have the batch freezer, the ice cream machine, you can experiment yourself and find your own way to make tasty cold dessert, gelato, ice cream or sorbet.


The batch freezer or gelato maker is the clue to make gelato and or icecream.



Going more in to the details of how to make gelato (click to enlarge the images of the praparation of the ice cream):

A nice clean and easy to clean gelato lab: air conditioning environment, protection from insects with paper, water and other facilities easy and ready available. A small room adjacent where the operator can change the clothes before entering the lab is a good hygienic procedure.

Mix the hot milk with cream, sugar and stabilizer to prepare the gelato mixture

Add the aroma or concentrate to the hot milk to improve the taste of the ice cream when it will be cold

Mixing, blending the ice cream preparation is very important

When the ice cream or gelato preparation is ready we have to cool it up always while mixing with concentration...

We can use a simple water ice bath

Then it is time to drop the ice cream mixture in the batch freezer

And finally get the ice cream after a cycle in the batch freezer that you never have to fill completely

Short list of the tools you need to make ice cream:  mixer, batch freezer, freezer, ice cream show case, digital scale, pasteurizer (eventually), pans small and big, various spoons, stove, some food whips, small digital thermometer,  nice counter (granite top type) with sink and drinking water, normal refrigerator and available source of ice cube


So, just order this machine; you will get the know-how and you will be able to fill you pans of nice gelato (condition to be discussed).


What else?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to start you gelato or ice cream business. Please check here to understand the profit in producing ice cream. Also contact us if you want to have new devices for improve your production of ice cream. We can sell and give you after sale assistance or even training in the ice cream world.
Thank you


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