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Ice cream spagetti and noodles images page



Spaghetti ice cream images



Spaghetti ice cream or spagetti ice cream or ice cream noodle images by www.easybesthailand.com and some history too.

We would like to present the result of the Gelapress  machine to get icecream spaghetti also called spaghetti gelato. Click here to see the machine.
It transforms your delicious ice cream (gelato) in spaghetti ice cream or ice cream noodles.
Nice presentations, fun and happy customers that come back to your shop to enjoy your spaghetti ice cream with more friends. Check out also our manual here


Classic spaghetti ice cream: vanilla ice cream as spaghetti, strawberry toppings as tomato sauce, coconuts powder as pasta cheese, cookie as... cookie!


Noodle ice cream or tagliatelle ice cream: coconut ice cream as noodle, chocolate topping as Maggi sauce and a cookie of course!


Spagetti ice cream natural and wheat meal: vanilla and chocolate ice cream as spaghetti and wheat meal spaghetti, some chocolate as meat sauce and some white chocolate flakes as cheese... and a cookie maybe as garlic bread?


Tagliatelle or noodle ice cream fantasy: enjoy yourself with vanilla and coconuts ice cream, chocolate, flat cookies, strawberry ice cream, kiwi ice cream for green spinach tagliatelle and full chocolate ice cream for a good wheat meal dish!



Full loaded Chocolate and mango sauce, cookie and coconut powder


Easy: just vanilla ice cream!


History of spagetti ice cream

The gelato that is a creamy and fresh ingredients version of the ice cream, is from Italy.
And what about the spaghetti ice cream or spaghetti gelato? Of course in Italy you can easily find them on the dessert market in many places but some voices suggest that the first ice cream shaped with a spaghetti look was first created in Germany. Well, the temperature can help it for sure... by the way in Germany is also a product ready available in many gelaterie, gelato or ice cream parlor or small kiosk as well as ice cream vans and small ice cream or gelato shop. They call spaghettieis or spaghetti eis where the word eis is ice cream in German language. Was anyway an Italian in Germany that create this delicious specialty. Now with the Gelapress you can easily produce spaghetti ice cream. Remember to use gelato or really creamy "ice cream" otherwise you will press just a block of ice!


Here more random pictures:




Soon you will be able to add your spaghetti ice cream creation in a dedicated page. In the meanwhile we Thank you for your visit. Go to see how to make spaghetti and the manual of the machine here.